Hazards When Stopping to Tow

At first blush, those outside of the industry might not think that towing, besides the actual hooking cars up part, is all that hard of a job. After all, a lot of time is spent driving around, filling out forms, and securing straps. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like we’re cops or anything.

Here’s the deal. If someone is having their car towed, there’s a reason, and it’s never a good one. People don’t exactly love seeing tow drivers; in fact, just the sight of us can make them go a little nuts and start arguing with you. Some may even try to attack you, even if you haven’t even hooked their car. It’s usually because they know they’re parked somewhere they shouldn’t be and they panic. Most try to just act tough, but more than one have pulled some sort of weapon out.

Or, if they’ve lost control and wound up in a ditch somewhere, there’s a decent chance that drugs or alcohol are involved. Any time they’re on a substance and then experience the shock of a crash, even a minor one, is enough to set them off.

Towing cars parked in no parking areas usually have the worst people owning them. They’ve parked there on purpose for one reason or another, but don’t take responsibility for it. They get agitated quickly when they see you hauling their car away, and they get even more confrontational when they go to get it out of impound.

People aren’t the only dangerous animals out there. Anytime you have to pick up a vehicle near the woods, you see all manner of animal pop out. Most of the time it’s just rodents or curious foxes, but sometimes you get something nastier agitated. Possums like to hiss at you, snakes and alligators can sneak up on you, and if it’s the season, you might even have a bear in the area. Whether it’s the woods or the concrete jungle, you have to keep your head on a swivel.

Some hazards can’t be avoided. Picking up a car in the dark is always risky. Sure, you have your lights on the back. They flash yellow and can be seen a mile away. But not everyone knows how to drive in the dark. They might think they’ve given you more room than they actually have. Getting injured picking up a car on a busy road at night is dangerous work.


Best/Worst Things

As I’ve said before, getting behind the wheel of a tow truck is hard work. Not only is it thankless, but you’re going to have someone irate screaming in your face, or worse. This is especially true when someone calls to have a car towed off of their property.

First off, the upside; there can be some phenomenally good money in towing. If you can stomach it, in repossession and impounding you could make several hundred dollar a night just towing away cars parking where they shouldn’t. And if no one is around, that’s some serious easy money to be made.

The down side, at least with impounding, is sort of everything else. At night, people have been drinking, and that can really make people double down on wanting to hurt you. You’re going up against every other driver that night scouting for impoundable cars, and they can be just as vicious, if not more so, than the car owners. This is especially true when they get comfortable and territorial in the same area for a long time and you’re new to the scene. Even worse, some states prohibit firearms in a commercial vehicle, leaving you defenseless and breaking the law if you do it anyways.

Towing the wrong car makes for an incredibly bad day, for you and for them. Towing the wrong car isn’t always immediately obvious, especially if the car matches the description of one you were supposed to pick up. You shrug off them yelling at you, telling them you can’t take their car, and in repossession, they all say that. You don’t think much of it until the cops show up and physically point out how wrong you were. They always threaten to sue or press charges; they rarely do, they’re just riled up, but honestly, yeah, they probably would have a decent case against you.

Any job that’s car-related is dirty work. Whether you’re having to touch motor oil of just regular driving dirt and grime, you’re getting it all over you. If you’re a clean freak, being a tow driver is probably not for you.

Finally, the worst of the worst about driving a tow truck is having to tow cars from an accident as does this tow truck company near me. If you’re squeamish, you’re going to have to get over that real fast. You’re going to see blood, probably at some point dead bodies. I recently saw a driver from this company towing car that had been in accident and it was truly bad feeling as the guy that was driving that car got heavily injured on his arm.

The towing truck driver was very nice as he did his best to help the injured.

If you think you can deal with all of that, then we’ll see you out on the road.


Windshield and Automotive Safety

Almost everyone wants to drive in a flashy vehicle. Whether it’s a sports car, a minivan or a luxury sedan, but everybody wants to ride in safety. No matter the mode of transport, we all need to feel that we will get to our desired destination safely.

The nation became more concerned about automotive safety issues in the 60s spurred in part by consumer protection advocate Ralph Nader who campaigned for safety standards in the government. At the beginning of 1966 cars came standard with improved laminated windshields that could endure nearly three times the force of the versions before. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards were set in the 60s and 70s. These standards were to regulate the clarity and strength of laminated windshields. They also specified retention strength of windshields in the case of accidents.

Considering safety is very significant when it comes to driving yourself and your loved ones. Therefore every precaution needs to be appreciated in your vehicle. Just as a properly working engine, the brakes, functioning airbags, and the seatbelts are factors in shielding you, so is the importance of improved windshield protection.